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Your CPV Marketing Questions Answered

written by on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 at 12:32 pm

Last week we told you how to find high paying CPA offers to promote on DirectCPV.

Today, we have the answers to another four common CPV marketing questions:

  1. What countries DirectCPV has the most traffic for
  2. How to choose between a URL and Keyword campaign
  3. How to increase your campaign’s traffic
  4. How the DirectCPV bidding system works

Where Does DirectCPV Traffic Come From?

Here are the top 20 countries DirectCPV offers traffic for sorted by overall traffic volume:

1. United States
2. Great Britain
3. Germany
4. Spain
5. Canada
6. Italy
7. Netherlands
8. Australia
9. Japan
10. Egypt

11. India
12. Greece
13. Saudi Arabia
14. Vietnam
15. Poland
16. Ukraine
17. Austria
18. Russia
19. Indonesia
20. Norway

Which Type of Campaign Works Better, URL or Keyword?

Some advertisers believe keyword campaigns are less targeted than URL campaigns. This can be true if you are bidding on very general keywords.

However, you can also bid on very specific keywords such as “buy an ipad” or “how much is an ipad”. Most people who search for these terms have a fairly clear goal, which makes these keywords highly targeted.

Our system uses exact match to maximize the targeting of your keyword campaigns.

A URL campaign can be just as untargeted if the audience base of the website you are bidding on is very diverse. Bidding on would be far less targeted than many keyword campaigns.

Many advertisers test a URL campaign against a keyword campaign to see which generates better results for the product they are promoting.

With any campaign, you want to strike a balance between maximizing your traffic and maintaining your targeting. Running both a keyword campaign and a URL campaign can double your traffic, while maintaining your targeting.

How Can I Get More Traffic?

Here are some ideas to help you find more keywords and URLs for your campaign:

Finding URL Targets

DirectCPV offers a tool called the Search Engine Spider. This tool generates a list of URLs from a keyword.

This tool helps you build a large targeted URL list. It is also useful for converting your keyword campaign into a URL campaign quickly.

To access the Search Engine Spider:

  1. Log into your DirectCPV Account
  2. Go to Toolbox
  3. Choose Search Engine Spider
  4. Type a keyword to get a list of URLs

When building a URL campaign, we recommend using at least 500-1,000 URL targets to maximize your traffic, unless you are targeting large sites.

To find high traffic domains to target, use the Alexa top sites list. Here you can download a list of the top 1,000,000 websites for free. These websites can help you maximize your traffic, and many are highly targeted.

Finding Keyword Ideas

The Google Keyword Suggestion Tool is an easy way to generate keyword ideas.

How Does The DirectCPV Bidding System Work?

With fixed priced bidding, you always bid at the price of your minimum bid. Setting a maximum bid under fixed priced bidding will not increase your bid or the amount of traffic you receive.

By choosing autobid, you can set a bid range. With autobid, you will always bid at your minimum bid unless a competitor has outbid you.

If a competitor outbids you, you will automatically raise your bid to the next bid increment.

For example, if your competitor bids $0.02, and you bid $0.04, you will pay $0.021 for that traffic, not $0.04.

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  • Joel says:

    I’m bidding on some high traffic URL’s but getting very little impressions. I upped the daily limit from $10 – $40 but still not getting much traffic.

    I currently have 1100 URL targets.

    How can I get more traffic?

  • Joseph Bison says:

    HI Joel

    Have you thought about upping your bids?