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What is Viral Marketing and how can it make me Money?

written by on Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 4:24 pm

Viral marketing, a relatively new advertising concept, was created to dramatically increase awareness of a product or service online. Viral marketing can be done with videos, articles, a viral Christmas ecard, interstitial advertising, blogs and more. The main notion around viral marketing is to create a “buzz” or a strong interest in a product with an article, link or video that users will send to their friends.

make money from viral marketing
“Many blogs and websites that were started with a simple idea have exploded in popularity.”

Here are some examples of viral marketing that can be used to help increase brand awareness and sales for your internet business:

E-cards and emails: A great example is the infamous “viral Christmas ecard” that was created in order to draw attention to anti-virus software. Receivers of the Christmas ecard, were made to believe that they had opened an extremely hazardous virus that was currently causing mayhem and destruction in their computer. At the bottom of the email, a small block of text promoted the anti-virus software and warned how easy it is to download viruses onto a computer. The viral Christmas ecard worked wonders for the anti-virus software.

Blogs: Many blogs that are started with a simple idea have exploded in popularity. People love to read blogs and if you can keep the content current, interesting and unique, you will get many visitors. Keep the interest in your blog up by providing readers with frequently updated and engaging content.

Social Networks: Every product being marketed online should have a fan page on all of the well-known social networking sites. Advertise with product promotions, coupons, and contests. Many marketers have found success by running viral video contests made by their own customers.

CPV advertising: Interstitial advertising can be a great way to attract attention for a product. Some of the best ad campaigns that work on the DirectCPV advertising network include: freebies, vacation offers, health offers and more.
Create a newsworthy ad campaign and soon everyone will be talking about your product. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most lucrative forms of internet advertising.
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