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The Top Ten Secrets to Increase Sales and Website Traffic

written by on Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Every internet advertiser works hard to increase the amount of website traffic that visits their website or landing page. However, advertisers should be more concerned with closing the sale before a customer leaves the site without shopping around.

increase sales and targeted traffic
“Monitor your competition and try to understand why they rank higher than you in search engines”

In order to increase sales and website traffic to your advertising landing page or website, follow these tried and tested 10 secrets for success:

1. Keep it simple. Website navigation and design should always be simple so that customers can effortlessly find what they are looking for. If the website is not simple, the customer may get bored or frustrated and move onto another page.

2. Always use META tags and ALT tags. These descriptions are a great way to entice users to visit your website. Search engines will list your website based on META tags, so make sure that they are unique and interesting.

3. Optimize your website or landing page. Always link to different pages in your site to build link paths and stay up to date with relevant search engine algorithms.

4. Keyword relevance and placement. Keywords are crucial in website design and search engine ranking. Be sure to place the most relevant keywords in page titles and headers. Research keywords and use the ones that will guarantee high rankings in search engines.

5. Provide up-to-date information. Offer newsletters, free reports, and information that is updated constantly. It is important to get customers to re-visit your website rather than only visit one time.

6. Make the purchasing process painless. Even if you increase website traffic and are offering products that people will buy, people will leave your site if there is not a simple purchasing process. Make sure that customers can buy your product with one easy step, not having to sign up or create an account first.

7. Submit your website. A great, free way to generate website traffic is to submit a website to search engines, social bookmarking sites, social media, or website directories. It’s best to do this yourself if you are able to make the time, rather than relying on a programmed submission service.

8. Write relevant articles. Advertisers can increase website traffic easily by writing articles and posting them on blog websites, online magazines, or free article sites. Always include a link back to the product’s webpage at the end of the article to generate free website traffic.

9. Use analytic software. Always understand where your website traffic is originating from and analyze which keywords, links or searches are working best. Edit any advertising campaigns based on this information.

10. Pay attention to your competition. Always be aware of other advertisements and websites that are related to the product you are selling. Monitor your competition and try to understand why they rank higher than you in search engines. Find out what they are doing better and use it to make your campaign superior.

If you are still having problems generating website traffic and increasing sales, it always helps to hire an SEO expert or internet advertising professional.
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