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The Secret to Making Money with Referral Programs

written by on Monday, December 21st, 2009 at 5:43 pm

DirectCPV just announced its new advertiser referral program, so we thought it would be fitting to write a blog about tips on how to get more referrals. Our referral program can be lucrative (5% commission!), but sometimes it’s hard to start convincing other advertisers to sign up.

Here are 10 suggestions on how you can increase your referral rate and earn more money.

1)      Post Your Link on a Blog

Whether it is your blog or a friend’s, the benefits of posting a referral link on a blog are big. A blog post is an extremely effective way to get a referral link noticed. It’s important to write a post that is going to be read.  If you create a new blog solely to place your link in it, chances are nobody is going to notice.

2)      Focus on Forums

If you are already a member in any kind of advertising forum or network, it is easy to promote your referral link through a forum post. Either post a link in a new post you create, place it in your signature, or send private messages to other advertisers who would benefit from DirectCPV.

3)      Referral Links should go in High Traffic Areas

Like a blog that never gets read, a referral link that’s placed deep inside a site or webpage will go unnoticed. Make sure that all promotional links are put somewhere that is more likely to be seen. If you have a blog or website, make sure it ranks high in search engines.

4)      Great not Good

If there was a person trying to sell you a digital camera, but was focused on bragging about how much money they would get from making you by the camera, would you buy it? Probably not. On the other hand, if a person was complimenting a digital camera and saying how great it was, you would be much more likely to purchase the camera. If you focus on the benefits of DirectCPV (and there are tons!) your referral link will receive much more traffic.

5)      Twitter or Other  Social Media Networks

Most of the time social networks are useless for promoting referral programs. However, if you have a twitter account that has a lot of followers, there is a greater chance of success. Small and intriguing tweets can reach many people in a small amount of time. Messages or status updates on Facebook and Myspace also may bring referrals.

6)      Banner Ads

Banner ads are always a highly effective method as a promotional tool. Advertisers can create their own banners and link it with a referral code. Success of this banner still relies on location (see #3) and tries not to clutter areas with too many banner ads. Again, it’s best to make your referral link as noticeable as possible.

7)      Reward Program

Sometimes advertisers need a kick in the pants in order to sign up for new things. It always helps to offer a reward in order to get others interested. If advertisers sign up to DirectCPV with your link, offer them something small, maybe a free sample.

8)      Contact advertisers you have dealt with in the past

If you have a relationship with another person already, it’s easy to ask them or suggest to them a new advertising network to join. It will be beneficial both for you (5%) and them. In the end, they’ll probably be thanking you for their introduction to us.

9)      RSS footer campaign

If you have access to an RSS feed, place your referral link at the end of each post. If your RSS is actually read then your click through rate is going to generate much more referrals.

10)   Just Ask.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best, so why not just ask friends or other advertisers? Similar to number 8, it’s all about the power of word of mouth. Sending spam messages is not a good idea, they will be frequently ignored.  But spending some time to send a personal email will work wonders.

Just remember, you scratch our backs and we’ll send you to a massage parlour for a free back rub. Once your referral rate starts to grow you’ll be amazed at all the extra income generated.

For more information on making money with referral programs, visit

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