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The Art of Info Capture: How to Get Better Converting Landing Page

written by on Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 4:52 pm

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“Internet users are once again becoming more cautious of giving away their personal email or information”

When the internet first was introduced to society, most people were wary of having their personal information stolen viruses, hackers, or identity thieves. Now, giving away information has become a common internet practice. Newspapers offer their stories only when a user signs up and gives their name, email, and address. Writers promote their e-books by offering their hottest tips only after visitors leave their email.

However, internet users are once again becoming more cautious of giving away their personal email or information. When given a form that says, “thank you for information in this product, please fill out this form to get more info”, there is a higher chance that potential customers will leave before giving up their email.

Info capturing is a delicate balance that can be damaged with a lack of transparency or trust between advertiser and consumer. Users may feel that the information they will receive will not be valid or worth their time. Also, internet surfers have learned from the past that there is a high chance that advertisers will send SPAM email or harass them with sales calls.

This is why it is crucial to create a landing page that asks for information in a trustworthy and honest manner. The first step is giving a potential customer a valid reason to fill out a form. An excellent way of doing this is to tell visitors that you would like to answer any questions that they may have. Give them a submission form and text that states something like “Fill out this short form and Jane Doe, creator of this product, will do her best to answer any questions you may have”.

If you are going to offer a newsletter or subscription service, give the visitors a chance to ask for one with a check box. Once they click the box, have a new window open with an information request. This will make a much better impression on potential customers, ultimately building their trust in your product.
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