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The 4 A”s of Marketing help to Increase Sales, Leads and Brand Awareness

written by on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 3:13 pm

By using the four A”s of marketing (Analysis, Attention, Acceptance, Action), marketers can establish and prepare for the possibility of higher sales and revenue. First introduced by Brian Norris, a marketing expert who has been providing priceless advice for almost 20 years, the 4 A”s of marketing go further than the standard “P’s of marketing” (Price, Place, Product, Promotion).

Use the 4 A"s of marketing to help make an action plan for internet advertising
“By using the four A”s of marketing (Analysis, Attention, Acceptance, Action), marketers can establish and prepare for the possibility of higher sales and revenue.”

The first step in the 4 A”s of marketing is Analysis. Particularly with internet marketing, it is incredibly important to analyze the desires of your audience. Even if you have only one product or service, a marketer should fit the product into a specific niche to cater to different audiences. To help the process of analysis, think of these questions: Who is spending money on similar products or services? What are their beliefs and values? Why do they buy what they buy? This is a crucial step in the marketing experience, so take as much time as needed to understand your targeted audience.

After spending a significant amount of time on analysis, move onto Attention. Of the 4 A”s of marketing, attention can be the most difficult for new marketers. After selecting a targeted audience and identifying who the best potential customers will be, you will need to grab their attention. An ad campaign is traditionally not focused on one method; the same should be true for internet advertising. There are many different types of internet marketing techniques: cost per view, pop ups, banners, in text ads, etc. A successful internet ad campaign does not just focus on just one of these techniques, but several. After choosing a type of advertising method, develop strategies on how to get a hold of your target customer’s attention. Decide what can be shocking, beautiful, amusing, entertaining, emotional, and urgent enough to make a customer want to purchase your product.

After grabbing a customer’s attention, focus on Acceptance. It is your job as an internet marketer to make your customers accept and trust your product or service. Due to heavy competition in almost every niche, you need to convince customers why the product you are selling is better than the rest. The 4 A”s of marketing are essentially about the outcome of a sale. If a customer does not accept or pay attention to an advertisement, the outcome of any marketing effort will be fruitless.

Last, a marketer needs to worry about Action. As a marketer, you will have provided your customer with information and interest in a product. Now, in the final step of the 4 A”s of marketing, you need to turn a prospective customer into a client who will pay for your product or service. An ad campaign will only be successful if a credit card number or even just an email address is gathered.

After studying and implementing the 4 A”s of marketing, focus on creating a product or service that will deliver repeat customers. In the marketing world, one sale is good, but consistent and repeating sales is 150% better.
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  • Maribel says:

    Once a lead is found it must be developed and sometimes it takes intense sales lead tracking to close the deal.