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Six PPV Lead Generation Tips

written by on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 3:23 pm

1) Don’t Send Paid Traffic to Your Homepage

Many advertisers send Pay Per View (PPV) traffic directly to their homepage. Most homepages contain too many navigation options. Also, most homepages do not fit properly into a 800 x 600 window, causing scrollbars to appear, and content to be cut-off.

Build a landing page for your PPV traffic which focuses on achieving your Most Desired Action – the action the user can take which results in a lead or sale.

2) Build Specialized Landing Pages

Not only is it a good idea to build a specialized landing page, most advertisers build different landing pages for different keyword or URL groups they are bidding on.

If the search term you bid on contains “cheap”, “low cost”, or “inexpensive”, send the user to a landing page that focuses on how much the user will save.

If the search term contains “best”, “custom” or “premium”, send the user to a landing page that focuses on how much better your product is over competitors.

3) Focus on Commercial Search Terms / URLs

You can raise your conversion rate by focusing on searches and websites with a high commercial value.

The Google Keyword Suggestion Tool can help you determine which keywords have the highest commercial value. Once you run a search, click the “Columns” button which appears on the right hand side of the screen. Put a checkmark next to “Estimated Avg. CPC”. Next, sort the keyword list by “Estimated Avg. CPC” to bring the search terms with the highest Estimated Avg. CPC to the top.

Commercial value also applies to URL targets. A person visiting a website that sells widgets is much more likely to be a buyer than a person who visits a hobby blog about widgets.

4) Use a Lead Capture Form

A lead capture form asks for the user’s information. Lead captures can ask the user for a variety of information, or they can be as small as simply an e-mail address submission box.

In general, the shorter the lead capture form, the more leads you will get. Every field you add reduces your response rate, so make sure each field you include is important.

5) Promise the User a Benefit for Submitting their Information

The best lead generation pages promise the user a benefit for submitting their contact information.

Promising the user something for free such as an exclusive report or free ebook can help increase your conversion rate.

Convincing the user you can help them achieve a goal or solve a problem they are having is another popular approach.

6) Make It Simple

With PPV advertising your ad appears as a pop-up or a full-page interstitial. To be effective, an advertisement must convey the benefit being offered within 2-5 seconds, or the user may close the window.

With PPV advertising, you want to keep your offer simple and easy to understand. Pick your strongest benefit and find a way to quickly convey that benefit to the viewer in under two to five seconds.

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