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Part 2: Eliminate Customer Confusion for Higher Conversions

written by on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Internet marketers should worry about customer confusion when using contextual targeting
“When trying to promote a product or service on the internet, it is always important to make the purchasing process simple and clear.”

When a customer is making a decision on whether to purchase or not purchase a product, they focus on the crucial emotions that surround every sale. In the previous blog article, you learned about how to decrease a customer’s anxiety in order to make them feel comfortable about purchasing the advertised product. However, customer anxiety is not the only emotion you need to overcome; customer confusion is another key factor.

If a buyer is confused, they are less likely to try to figure out how to purchase an online product. If a website or landing page is untidy or difficult to understand, all it takes is a single mouse click to move on to the next site. The rule here is to keep it simple, stupid.

In business, the KISS principle has been adapted to the internet marketing and advertising industry. When trying to promote a product or service on the internet, it is always important to make the purchasing process simple and clear.

In order to make more sales, make sure the website or landing page offers an uncluttered, user-friendly layout. Here are some ways to focus your layout:

  • Choose specific keywords: If you have multiple web pages or different landing pages, it is crucial to make sure that keywords match the content. Ensure that each page promoting a product has specific keywords that are devoted to the text/theme of the advertisement.
  • Do not promote too many products at one time: If your website or landing page is full of multiple offers, chances are an internet user will get overwhelmed and won’t buy into any of them. Choose one offer or product to promote at a time and focus on that.
  • Make end results obvious: There is no room for uncertainty in online advertising. The customer wants to understand exactly what will happen if they enter credit card information or personal details. If you have a “buy now” button, include text about whether a credit card will be charged or any other results that may occur.
  • Do not include useless clutter: If a website or landing page has too many images, text, banners, etc., customers become frustrated. Always remember the KISS principle and keep it simple.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the final and most important customer emotion that all internet advertisers need to understand and address. In the meantime, check out for more information on CPV and PPV internet advertising solutions.

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