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Online Advertising: Market Research Student Spending

written by on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 10:16 am

With young people spending more time online, new market research student spending subjects are being studied. This type of market research, dedicated to student spending, has revealed that not only are students spending more time online but they are also spending more money.

directcpv market research student spending
“Not only are students spending more time online but they are also spending more money.”

Market research student spending shows that the spending habits for young adults are more prevalent in the online world today. Market research on student spending has revealed the following information:

  • Market research student spending on brand awareness shows that students are becoming increasingly aware of buying only designer and name-brand products. The amount of money spent on luxury products such as clothes and accessories has spiraled quite high.
  • Students tend to buy new clothes and accessories during the months preceding the summer holidays, as well as during the months before school begins again.
  • Students are spending a lot more money on entertainment. This can include movie tickets, video games, shopping, or television.
  • Food expenses have not increased, but market research student spending shows that there is an increase in the purchasing of alcohol. Students are beginning to spend excessive amounts on alcohol and other forms of recreational drugs.

This market research student spending information is useful for advertisers wishing to target the niche market of student spenders. Understand the motivations that student spending arises from, and products will be easier to market.
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