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Marketing Insight: Who Is Search Engine Marketing Ardan Michael Blum?

written by on Thursday, March 4th, 2010 at 1:22 pm

There has been a lot of interest recently surrounding the keyword: search engine marketing Ardan Michael Blum. But who is the man behind the words? With over nine years of experience as an SEO expert, Ardan Michael Blum has been providing clients with serious search engine marketing results while still following a strict code of online ethics.

search engine marketing guru Ardan Michael Blum is an expert at SEO tactics
“Ardan Michael Blum possesses search engine marketing skills that are honest and based on firm white hat principles… methods generate excellent results”

Although most know Ardan Michael Blum only as a search engine marketing expert, he is also the founder and president of a charity for senior citizens in Switzerland. This distinguished charity has been able to enhance and improve the lives of senior citizens by providing free computers and social services.

Ardan Michael Blum’s true expertise is providing SEO clients with guaranteed 1st page listings in search engines. For this reason, many companies and internet marketers commonly seek out his expert advice and ability to quickly produce top organic search results that last a long time.

In addition, unlike most search engine “experts”, Ardan Michael Blum possesses search engine marketing skills that are honest and based on firm white hat principles. Best of all, these methods generate excellent results that are not completed with immoral or short-term tactics that ultimately do more harm than good.

Many internet marketers choose to learn search engine marketing on their own, while the more successful marketers outsource their SEM needs to professionals like Ardan Michael Blum. Having a site or advertisement in the top, organic search results builds a strong foundation of credibility.

Principles of Ardan’s search engine marketing can easily be applied to other forms internet marketing such as cost per view CPV or pay per view PPV advertising. As with SEO, CPV and PPV internet advertising rely on the optimization of keywords. Relevant keywords and ads help improve quality scores on Google, leading to a better overall performance and more impressions that will convert. Finding the right keywords, similar to search engine marketing, is crucial for the success of any CPV campaign.

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