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LivelyBrowser: A Great Targeting Tool for Advertisers

written by on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 at 5:28 pm

Advertisers using the DirectCPV Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network should use the Livelybrowser Ever tried to find a list of the most popular sites to target your ads? How about by language, country or industry? What was once a time-consuming, if not impossible, task is now very easy thanks to an increasingly popular tool called LivelyBrowser. is a goldmine for online advertisers who use cost per view (CPV) or pay per view (PPV) advertising. LivelyBrowser makes it easier to find the right websites to target by accessing their list of 100 of the most popular websites online. For advertisers who require more coverage, 10,000 site lists are priced from around $25 to $400+ (most lists are updated weekly).

With LivelyBrowser, advertisers can surf the internet using their patented “tree mode”, which is similar to browsing websites using a traditional tabbed browser window. Using the tree mode, CPV or PPV advertisers can view hundreds of web pages simultaneously to find valuable sites to target their online marketing campaigns. With the ability to scan sites quickly, targeting and URL selection becomes a much simpler and faster process.

Another useful product offered by Livelybrowser is the Facebook FriendAdder and Twitter FriendAdder. Both of these programs allow cost per view and pay per view advertisers to easily manage their Facebook friends and Twitter followers with just a few clicks. Using the Facebook FriendAdder, you can manage multiple accounts and increase your exposure by finding friends to add through group members, page fans, or other’s friends.

If you are spending too much time trying to find the right URLs to target your online advertising campaigns, give Livelybrowser a try. You may find it very useful to harness the full potential of CPV and PPV advertising. For more information about LivelyBrowser or contextual cost per view and pay per view advertising, visit
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