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How to Turn your Website Visitors into Profits

written by on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 5:25 pm

how to turn your website visitors into profits
“Adding pop up or interstitial ads to your website will create a great extra income.”

It is not hard to learn how to turn your website visitors into profits; all that you need is a popular page with website visitors and an affiliate and advertising network.

Having advertisements on a website can work especially well for increasing profits, but website owners and bloggers need to first have a substantial amount of unique visitors coming to their website daily. If you own a website and want it to receive more traffic, it’s easy to buy targeted website visitors with affordable advertisements. Start to promote a website and find your profits increase substantially.

Here are some great ideas on how to turn your website visitors into profits:

  1. Join an advertising network. Adding banner ads, in text advertisements, or pop up interstitial ads to your website will create a great extra income.  Signing up for pay per view PPV advertising is a great option because affiliates get paid every time a unique user views an advertisement. This profit starts to add up substantially.
  2. Write an Ebook. If you are knowledgeable about a certain subject, for example: “how to turn your website visitors into profits”, write an ebook about it. It’s easy to self-promote exclusive information on the internet and people will likely pay money for good quality advice.
  3. Ask for donations. If an affiliate is able to provide enough information or original content on a website, they can easily ask for a donation. Wikipedia tried this and raised a large amount of money, easily.
  4. Create an email list or newsletter. Offering email lists and newsletters is a great way to turn your website visitors into profit. Place a button in a noticeable location that promotes your newsletter and asks visitors to subscribe. The conversion rate from email lists or newsletters is extremely high but it may be difficult increasing the number of subscribers.
  5. Sponsored Reviews. Although the FTC has started to monitor these types of posts, try to offer a “pay per post” system from your blog or website. The process is simple enough, get paid to write about a specific product or website.

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