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How to Generate Leads With CPV Marketing

written by on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 11:18 am

In CPV marketing, simplifying your landing page, purchasing process, or lead capture forms can have a huge impact on your conversion rate, and overall profits.

We review thousands of CPV landing pages here at DirectCPV. The landing pages that do the best on our network are almost always simple. In general, the more messages a landing page tries to convey, the lower the conversion rate will be.

That doesn’t mean long sales pages don’t work – they do. But while your long copy sales page may sell well with PPC, the same page may not work as a CPV landing page.

Here are some tips to increase the number of leads and sales your CPV landing pages generate:

White Space

By surrounding your headline, call to action, images, and sales bullets with a healthy amount of white space, the visitor has an easier time processing what is being offered to them quickly.

This increases the odds that they will actually read your advertisement instead of just closing the window or skipping the ad.

Simplify Your Message

I’ve helped many business owners create advertisements for their business, and I’ve noticed almost all of them suffer from the same tendency.

We’ll be reviewing the final product, and they’ll say “Oh, I need you to throw in this benefit, oh and this one too”. They see empty space left over, and they naturally want to fill it up with every point they can think of.

When asked to list all of the benefits of their product, most people can easily list several dozen benefits. When creating a CPV advertisement, it’s important to zero in on your top benefit and hammer that benefit home in a unique way people will respond to.

When you try to use every sales point available to you, the reader gets overwhelmed with information. When they see a cluttered page in front of them that they didn’t request, they are more likely to close it.

A simple landing page is easier to understand, and more likely to generate a lead or a click to a second page.

Get Permission Before Pitching

If a person walked up to you on the street, stood in your way, and started listing all of the benefits of their product, would you stop and listen to them? Most of us would dodge around them, and keep walking on our way.

Marketing is a two step process:

1) Get the users permission to being your sales pitch
2) Deliver your sales pitch

A good CPV landing page persuades the reader to listen to the pitch. Usually this is accomplished with a persuasive headline, a couple bullets, an eye catching image, and a large bright button the user can click on to get more information (or a lead capture form asking for their e-mail address).

The more comprehensive sales pitch can be handled on the next page, or via an e-mail once you obtain their e-mail address. The job of a CPV landing page is to obtain the readers permission to start your pitch. If your CPV landing page does this well, you’ll generate a lot of leads, close a lot of sales, and make a lot of money.

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