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How to Find URL Targets for CPV Campaigns Using Demographic Profiling

written by on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 at 5:16 pm

In this article, we want to show you an advanced CPV marketing strategy that will help you find URL targets based on demographic factors such as gender, income, age, education, ethnicity, and more.

If you are promoting a product that appeals to women, you can easily find websites to bid on that have an audience made up primarily of women. You can also find websites that appeal to Hispanic women, women with kids, women with post-secondary education, and more.

Quantcast is one of the largest online demographic profiling services. Quantcast offers an Advanced Search option which helps you find websites whose audience matches a certain demographic profile.

To Access the Quantcast Advanced Search Option:

1) Create a Free Quantcast Account
2) Click “Advanced Search” at the top under the Search Bar
3) Enter Your Desired Demographics
4) Sort By Composition % to Order the Results By Relevance

Reverse Engineering Your CPV Campaigns

Besides finding new targets, Quantcast is a great way to find out what type of audience is visiting your successful URL targets. You can then use the Advanced Search options to locate websites that have similar demographic profiles.

Quantcast also offers an Affinity score. This shows you the websites that visitors to a particular website are likely to visit. For example, an affinity score of 55.0x says that people who visit Website X are 55 times more likely to visit Website Y than a random Internet user.

Filtering By Category

The Filter By Category option is a great way to find URL targets based on a specific category.

In the Filters menu, you can enter a category, such as Events/Tickets. This displays a list of websites that people who are looking for tickets are likely to visit.

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