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How to Create a Winning CPV Marketing Campaign -15 Tips

written by on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 7:02 pm

This week we are going to cover the basics of creating a CPV Marketing Campaign that makes money.

TIP #1: Bid on Misspellings of Your Keywords

Misspellings are just as targeted as the original keyword, and have very little competition and lower bid prices.

TIP #2: Find Competitors

Enter your website into to get a list of your competitors, and bid on their domains.

TIP #3: Choose the Right Image

Add an eye-catching image to your landing page (Use to find low-cost images as low as $1 per image)

TIP #4: Use Quantcast

Run successful URL targets through Quantcast to look for demographic similarities among your successful URL targets. Find more targets with similar demographics.

TIP #5: Use Alexa

Find high traffic URLs to bid on using Alexa’s top 1,000,000 domain list –

TIP #6: Simple Sells

Make your landing page simple. Cluttered landing pages usually have lower conversion rates.

TIP #7: Test Headlines

Use a large headline. Leave empty space around your headline for emphasis.

TIP #8: Test URL Campaign vs Keyword Campaign

Test a URL campaign against a keyword campaign. Both can deliver targeted traffic. You can double your targeted traffic using this method.

TIP #9: Use Exact Match Keywords

DirectCPV uses exact match for all keywords. To maximize your keyword traffic:

a. Add an s to your keywords (ipads)
b. Include keyword phrases (ipad review, where to buy ipad)
c. Reword common phrases (ipad where to buy, where to buy an ipad)

Bidding on “ipad” will not trigger your ad for any of these searches.

TIP #10: Generate Keyword Ideas

Use the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool ( to create a list of popular keyword phrases.

TIP #11: Search Engine Spider

Use the “Search Engine Spider” tool in the Resources menu to find URLs closely related to a specific keyword. Enter specific keyword phrases for maximum targeting (i.e. buying an ipad instead of ipad)

Login to use the Search Engine Spider

TIP #12: Build an Opt-In E-mail List

Try building an e-mail list instead of going for a direct sale. Once you have the users e-mail address, you can market to them on a regular basis.

TIP #13: Review Keyword/URL Targets

Review your most profitable keywords or URLs, and add similar keywords or URLs. By doing this regularly, your campaign will become more and more profitable or time.

TIP #14: Test Landing Pages

Run the same campaign with two or more different landing pages to see which one works better. This is another great way to improve your ROI over time.

TIP #15: Test and Optimize

Don’t give up if your campaign doesn’t generate the ROI you are looking for the first time you run it. Simply make some minor adjustments after your first run, and your second run will make even more money.

Before long, your campaign will generate a strong ROI. Adjusting your campaign once you see what works and what doesn’t is a big part of creating a profitable CPV marketing campaign.

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  • g-bengeR says:

    indeed this is great content at this time i am to give up. Such an inspiration for me. I will all of these as you outlined. thanks

  • Gary Lewis says:

    Google keyword tool is also great to find related keywords or find out what keywords were searched to find a specific site. Great post!