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How to Build a Profitable PPV Keyword List

written by on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Today, we want to help you create a profitable list of keywords. These tips can help you maximize your traffic, while finding targeted keywords that are often overlooked by other advertisers. Many of the techniques below will help you find uncompetitive keywords that are still at the minimum bid of 1.5 cents.

Types of Keyword Targets to Bid On:

1. Misspellings

Misspellings are a low-cost way to increase your traffic because they usually have fewer bidders than the main keyword. You can either guess at probable misspellings, or use the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool to find common misspellings.

(Example: “ipadd, I pad, i-pad”)

2. Buying Phrases

Buying keywords signify that the user has their credit card handy, or at the very least they have money to spend. With these types of keywords, you can be reasonably certain the user has money and is willing to spend it. With the term ipad, the user might just want to learn about ipads, even though they are broke. When they search for where to buy an ipad, they almost certainly have money to spend.

(Example: “Where to buy an ipad, ipad where to buy, buy an ipad, buy ipad, purchase ipad)

3. Plural

Be sure to add an s to all of your keywords. DirectCPV uses an exact match system to maximize your targeting. Adding an ‘s’ to all of your keywords is an easy way to increase your traffic.

(Example: Ipads, buy ipads, where to buy ipads)

4. Category Keywords

Your target audience doesn’t always know exactly what they want. Sometimes they start with a broad search for the category. For example, somebody searching for an Ipad might start with “tablets”.

5. Brands / Competitors

Instead of bidding on product keywords, you may also want to include brand names, as many people may type the name of the company who produces the product they are looking for instead of the actual product name.

6. Abbreviations, Synonyms, Acronyms and Industry Specific Terminology

Abbreviations, synonyms, acronyms and industry jargon can help you increase your traffic. In addition, many advertisers overlook these terms, so they will often be inexpensive sources of highly targeted traffic.

7. Long-tail Phrases

Use the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool to generate long-tail keyword phrases. Come up with as many variations as you can to maximize your traffic. Retype each sentence multiple ways to maximize your exposure.

8. Geo-targeted Keywords

Create a list of every major city in the country or countries you are bidding on and bid on keyword combinations that include that city. SpeedPPC is a premium pay per click advertising tool which allows you to generate massive geographic keyword lists quickly and easily.

(Example: ipad New York, New York ipad, ipad NY, ipad in NY, buy ipad in New York)

9. Similar Markets

If you are advertising hotel accommodations, you may want to advertise on travel search terms. If you promote ipads, try advertising on laptop related searches.

Be careful when bidding on similar markets, because they might not produce a high enough conversion rate. However, in many cases, similar markets are great way to increase your traffic once you have exhausted all of the highly targeted search terms.

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