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Google Search Engine Optimization Tips Tweaks White Hat Tricks by Ardan Michael Blum

written by on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 at 11:26 am

SEO Ardan Michael Blum
“At least 75% of website traffic comes from websites like Google.”

Advertisers and search engine marketers have been avidly searching for new Google search engine optimization tips tweaks white hat tricks by Ardan Michael Blum. Different from most SEO “experts”, Ardan Michael Blum possesses such strong search engine optimization skills based on white hat tricks and marketing principles that Blum has even managed to turn his own name into one of the top-ranked SEO keywords on Google.

Ardan Michael Blum is consistently able to get top search engine rankings for his clients by understanding the power of keywords and keyword tools. Although many marketers would love to try and sell all the Google search engine optimization tips tweaks and white hat tricks  by Ardan Michael Blum, he offers many of his tips free of charge on Youtube. The popular Ardan Michael Blum Youtube channel supplies internet marketers with priceless tutorials on SEO tactics.

Internet marketers that have been ignoring search engine optimization for their websites need to understand that at least 75% of website traffic comes from websites like Google. It’s easy to learn and as Ardan Michael Blum always repeats, there are only four main rules that are the key to success in SEO:

  1. There should be a large amount of original work on your webpage and at least one new page should be added every week.
  2. Have an abundance of inbound anchor text links that direct users to different pages in a site.
  3. Older websites have a better reputation and will place higher in google search engine results.
  4. If you take the time and effort to feel proud of the work produced on a website, Google will somehow understand this and rank the website higher.

Understanding the google search engine optimization tips tweaks white hat tricks by Ardan Michael Blum is not always easy. However, the principles of these SEO tactics can be applied to many other types of internet marketing techniques such as cost per view (CPV) or pay per view (PPV) advertising.  Finding the right keywords and using white hat SEO tactics is crucial for the success of any online marketing campaign.
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