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Direct Navigation FAQ: What Is Direct Navigation Anyway?

written by on Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 5:19 pm

Lately many online advertisers have been asking “what is direct navigation?” or “how can I use direct navigation type-in traffic to make money online by increasing brand awareness of my product/service?” We’ve got the answers to all your questions about direct navigation to help you understand the power of this untapped marketing tool.

what is direct navigation
“Direct navigation website search makes up around 12% of all online searches; it’s time to take advantage of these potential customers.”

FAQ #1: What is direct navigation?

“Direct navigation” or “type-in traffic” are terms used to describe a method internet users employ to arrive at certain websites. Direct navigation occurs when a person goes to a website directly through the browser address bar. Instead of using a search engine, users will type in words like “cats” or “laptops” and add “.com” to the end of the word. For example, an internet user may type in “” while searching for printers and arrive at a site that is likely full of advertisements.

Shorter words that describe large segments of a market are the most valuable of direct navigation domain names. Premium names such as “” and “” have sold in the millions of dollars since direct navigation was first discovered in 1996.

FAQ #2: How can I make money with direct navigation?

Online marketers can use direct navigation to target the traffic from generic domain names and re-direct them to relevant landing pages or products (i.e. your website).

As an example, an internet user may be interested in buying a computer. If they do a direct navigation search, they will likely type in “” or “”. DirectCPV can then take these targeted potential customers and direct them to your website or landing page. So, when a user types in “” they will be directed to a CPV landing page advertising Apple computers.

FAQ #3: Why should I use direct navigation?

Direct navigation website searches make up around 12% of all online searches; it’s time to take advantage of these potential customers.

In addition, a recent web traffic study done by WebSideStory’s StatMarket revealed that direct navigation traffic provides a conversion rate of 4.23% compared to only 2.3% conversion rate from search engine traffic.
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