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Create A Great Contextual Ad for Your Ad Campaign

written by on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 5:21 pm

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“A contextual ad is targeted to the content of a website, which will attract potential customers at a much higher rate.”

Contextual advertising and contextual ad campaigns are a great choice for online advertisers because each contextual ad is served to a website with similar content or themes. With contextual advertising, the option is also available to create rich media ad formats (such as interstitial ads) which work great for increasing brand awareness and brand recognition.

To create the best contextual ad, advertisers will need to keep their customers in mind at all times. It is important to create a good balance of text and images for a contextual ad campaign. Draw a customer’s attention with exciting images, eye-catching text, and short descriptions.

Make sure that all contextual ad campaigns reflects the keywords they are targeting but also follow simple ad guidelines (ex. No nudity).

Some of the benefits of advertising with an interstitial contextual ad include:

  1. With PPC text ads, there are up to 4 ads shown per page. But with an interstitial contextual ad, there is only one ad shown at a time.
  2. A contextual ad is targeted to the content of a website, which will attract potential customers at a much higher rate.
  3. A contextual ad with images has a high click-through rate and conversion rate because they stand out from other ads.
  4. An interstitial contextual ad will increase brand awareness because advertisers can include the logo of their brand in the ad.
  5. Contextual ads, especially interstitial ads, allow for more space to advertise and promote a product.

To create the best contextual ad, research your target market and build an interstitial ad that will capture a customer’s attention and direct them to your website.
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