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written by on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Targeted or Untargeted Traffic?

DirectCPV offers two types of advertising campaigns – targeted (Keyword and URL Campaigns) and untargeted (RON Campaigns).

The advantage of RON traffic is the price ($0.004/view). Keyword and URL campaigns start at $0.015/view, and allow you to control who sees your landing page. This helps you avoid paying for views by people who don’t want or need your product.

For example, if you are promoting dog clothing, you may want to avoid paying for views by people who don’t own dogs. This can be accomplished by bidding on websites whose audience consists primarily of dog owners.

However, suppose you find yourself spending an average of four cents per view for targeted traffic. Four cents could also buy you 10 untargeted views. The question becomes, which is better, 10 untargeted views or 1 targeted view?

The answer to this question will vary depending on what you sell. If you are uncertain, try testing an RON campaign against a targeted campaign.

After all, it only costs $40 to drive 10,000 visitors to your landing page with an RON campaign, and that should easily be enough to see if the conversion rate stacks up to targeted traffic or not.

URL Targeting – One Website or Many?

Approach #1 – One Site

Targeting a single large website has many advantages:

1) You receive a steady volume of traffic every day.

2) You can tailor your landing page directly to the audience who visits that website.

3) You can perform research on that audience, and really get to know who you are advertising too.

4) It is easier to test different landing pages because your audience is relatively stable.

5) You can engage in branding campaigns.

Approach #2 – Hundreds of Smaller Sites

The second approach used by CPV marketers is targeting a few hundred, or even a few thousand, small websites.
With this approach you find smaller sites that have a very specific audience. However, because they are small, each individual site will not generate very much traffic.

The advantage of this approach is laser-targeted traffic. If you bid on small sites that focus exclusively on dog clothing, then chances are these people are the exact people who will buy your dog clothing.

If you had bid on a larger domain that focuses on dogs, most of the people who visit will own dogs, but they don’t necessarily dress them up.

By targeting smaller laser-focused sites, you eliminate the majority of wasted impressions, and pay almost entirely for hot prospects who want what you are selling.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is similar to URL targeting. You can bid on several high traffic keywords, or many specific keyword phrases which receive less traffic.

You can easily see how many people search for a particular keyword each month by using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool.

By targeting high volume keywords, you can easily maximize your traffic. However, people who type generic keywords (i.e. dog) might be looking for many different things. People who type dog clothing will usually be more targeted.

By bidding on specific keyword phrases you maximize your targeting. However, like URL campaigns, it can take a few hundred keyword phrases to match the traffic you can get from a high volume keyword.

It is actually quite easy to build a list of keywords using the Google Keyword Suggestion tool.

Here is an example of targeted keyword bidding:

Red dog clothing
Blue dog clothing
Pink dog clothing
Affordable dog clothing
Cheap dog clothing
Boy dog clothing

Ideally, you would want each of these audiences to have a landing page tailored to the exact type of dog clothing they searched for. However, most of these terms get too little traffic to justify designing a custom landing page.

The best work-around is to group your keywords into separate campaigns – each with a dedicated landing page.
For example, take all of the color terms (red dog clothing, green dog clothing, etc) and use a landing page that talks about the wide variety of colors you offer. Take the price searches (cheap dog clothing, affordable dog clothing) and send them to a landing page which offers the user an exclusive coupon or special discount.

When sending traffic to a landing page, it is important to balance the need for a customized message with the fact that you really don’t have time to design a separate landing page for every keyword you target.

Don’t Forget!

All keywords on DirectCPV are exact match. Bidding on “ipad” will not cause your landing page to come up for searches for “ipads”, “i-pad”, “i pad”, or “buy an ipad”.

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