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Common Mistakes Advertisers Make with Contextual Targeting

written by on Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Contextual targeting is easy with DirectCPV Cost per view CPV internet advertising
“Contextual targeting is less competitive and will provide advertisers much better ROI if used correctly.”

Contextual targeting and contextual advertising is a new way of advertising that is becoming increasingly popular. Some advertisers still believe that contextual advertising is not as effective as search advertising.  However, contextual targeting is less competitive and will provide advertisers much better ROI if used correctly.

There are three main reasons as to why an advertiser may not realize the full benefits of contextual targeting and they include:

1. Ads appear on irrelevant pages and get bad clicks and low conversion rates

2. Ads don’t command attention or distract users from website content

3. Leaving an ad campaign to run by itself

One problem that advertisers consistently encounter is choosing the right keywords to fit an ad campaign. Keywords by themselves are not separate units, the most common algorithms used by advertising networks look at the keyword list as a whole to judge which sites are best to serve the ads. Spend time researching the best keywords or using keyword scraping tools to get the best results. If properly used, the keywords in an ad group should describe the interests of the specific audience you wish to attract to your ad. Your keyword should be full of the words that you want to appear most frequently on the pages you think your desired customer will be viewing.

It seems elementary, but often advertisers forget: boring advertisements are more likely to be forgotten and ignored. In the cost per view (CPV) or pay per view (PPV) advertising industry, it is important to grab the viewer’s attention and hold it. Make your ad stand out by adding interesting images, animation, or declarative statements. Be more competitive, offer free shipping or a coupon to convince them to visit your page. Most importantly, test each ad campaign thoroughly.

The last mistake, leaving an ad campaign to run by itself, is made by amateurs and seasoned pros alike. It is incredibly important to always pay attention to the reports on your cost per view (CPV) or pay per view (PPV) advertisements. Study performance reports, use tracking tools and monitor which sites and pages your ads are showing up on.

Contextual targeting can be a profitable venture for internet advertisers, and CPV or PPV advertisements are a great way to increase sales and traffic. Learn from your mistakes and become a better online advertiser.
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