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Beginners Guide to Creating a Pay per View PPV Advertising Campaign

written by on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 at 5:04 pm

Pay per view advertising (PPV), also known as cost per view (CPV) and contextual advertising, is extremely profitable for internet advertisers if managed correctly. Pay per view advertising is a type of adware, completely different from spyware, which is delivered to a potential customer’s computer.

make money with pay per view and cost per view advertising
“Pay per view advertising has quickly become one of the most top ranking methods of internet marketing.”

Pay per view advertising has quickly become one of the most top ranking methods of internet marketing for making money online. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to start earning big profits from a pay per view advertising campaign:

1. Choose a product to promote. Choose a product from any main affiliate network or affiliate program. For beginners, always choose a product that already has a large customer base and is something that you would buy yourself.

2. Keyword and URL research. Spend a good chunk of time searching for popular keywords and URLs that are relevant to the product. Pay per view advertising relies on keyword and URL targeting, if you do not do the research you will not be able to make the money.

3. Track your campaigns. Sign up with a pay per view PPV advertising network and start creating your first ad campaign. Always remember to track and test every pay per view advertising campaign you create. Try sending traffic either to a direct website or a landing page, analyze the results and modify your marketing strategy.

Pay per view advertising is great for internet advertisers because it is extremely cheap and easy to set up. Choose a product to promote, research keywords and URLs and start on your way to making serious money online!
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