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An Easy Way to Create Dozens of Profitable CPV Advertising Campaigns

written by on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Last week we published Affiliate Marketing Strategies: How to Use CPV Traffic to Promote Affiliate Programs. In that article, we laid out the exact process professional CPV advertisers use to build profitable CPV advertising campaigns for affiliate programs.

Today, we’d like to share another strategy that can help you create dozens (or even hundreds) of profitable CPV marketing campaigns in almost no time at all. This strategy is one of the easiest strategies you can follow to make money online.

STEP #1: Download the Alexa Top 1,000,000 Domains List

Go to and click on the link in the top right hand corner that says “Free Download” Top 1,000,000 Sites (Updated Daily).

STEP #2: Find a Domain to Advertise On

You now have a list of the top million websites on the Internet. For now, skip the top 1,000 or so websites. The top 1,000 websites are too general to be useful, and many will have other bidders.

Scan through the list of websites from 1,000 to 10,000 to find a website you want to advertise on.

Here’s what to look for:

1) Targeted Audience

Think about That’s an extremely untargeted audience. Everybody goes there. You want to find a website where the majority of the people who visit are interested in the same thing.

2) Commercial Value

Does the audience have money? Does the fact that they are visiting this website indicate that they are probably ready to spend money?

Take NBC as an example. Many people who visit the NBC website don’t have any discretionary income available to spend. In fact, that may be exactly why they are sitting at home watching TV online. You want to find a website whose audience has money to spend.

3) Your Background & Experience

Don’t pick a domain that has an audience who is alien to you. You should look for a domain that has an audience you understand.

If you understand who is visiting the domain, what problems they have, what products they need, and how to connect with them, you will find it easy to design a profitable affiliate advertising campaign.

STEP #3: Study the Advertisements on that Domain

When dealing with top 10,000 websites, you can bet on one thing – they know what sells on their own domain. If the website has banner advertisements, pop-ups, text-links, paid reviews, or any other type of paid advertisements, they probably work. Simply write down a list of products being advertised on the domain.

If there are no advertisements on the website, make your own list of products that audience will be interested in. If the website sells something specific (i.e. fishing rods), simply write down fishing rods. If they are a popular technology blog, take a look at their last few posts, and write down the products they are reviewing.

STEP #4: Use OfferVault to Find an Affiliate Program to Promote

Now that you have a list of products to promote, simply plug those products into Offer Vault and see what affiliate offers there are out there.

Next, check whether that offer allows direct linking. If they don’t, design a simple landing page with a large headline and a prominent call to action button to drive traffic to the affiliate program’s landing page. That way, you are only sending hot prospects to the affiliate’s landing page.

STEP #5: Start a URL Campaign

Simply enter the domain you picked as your URL target and launch your campaign.

STEP #6: Analyze Your Results

If the campaign doesn’t make money, switch the offer. When dealing with one domain, you can be sure that the offer is the problem when the campaign doesn’t make money. There is an offer that will make money for almost every domain on the Internet. The trick is to find that offer.

If the campaign does make money, and you want to scale it, find a few more similar domains using the related domain resources we covered in our article 7 Free CPV Marketing Tools.

You are only using the single-domain strategy to find winning offers. You’ll want to scale it up by finding domains that are visited by the same audience as soon as you discover the offer is profitable among that audience.

STEP #7: Repeat

Now simply repeat these steps over and over again to increase your CPV marketing profits. Each time you find a new profitable advertising campaign, your daily profits will go up.

What did you think of this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

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