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Affiliate Marketing Strategies: How to Use CPV Traffic to Promote Affiliate Programs

written by on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 2:44 pm

DirectCPV is a great way to promote affiliate programs. Today, we’re going to reveal an easy and repeatable technique that can help you build dozens of profitable affiliate marketing CPV campaigns.

We’ve covered some of these techniques in earlier newsletters, but our goal today is to lay down the exact process professional CPV marketers use to make money marketing affiliate programs with CPV advertising.

1. Find a Niche Market

Step one is simply an idea brainstorming session. The goal here is to build a big list of things people spend money on.
Here are some resources to help you find products, skills, and other things people are spending money on.

ProductsAmazon Bestsellers

On the Amazon Bestsellers website, you can see what products are popular among a huge range of categories and subcategories.

Remember, for every product you find here, there are dozens of large niche markets around that product. For iphones there are iphone apps, iphone repair, and jailbreak an iphone to name just a few.

SkillsFor Dummies Books

If there is a For Dummies book, there is a market. They have organized their store into categories and subcategories. This makes the website a great brainstorming tool for finding niche markets based around skills people are willing to spend money to acquire.

OtherGoogle Keyword Suggestion Tool

To ensure you only find markets people are spending money on, click the “Columns” button on the right hand side of the screen, and enable “Estimated Avg. CPC”. Next, click “Sort by Relevance” and choose Estimated Avg. CPC to bring the highest profit niche markets to the top.

Use the Categories menu on the left to browse through the categories and subcategories listed here. This menu contains a fairly comprehensive list of potential niche markets.

Write down the niche markets you find that have over 100,000 searches a month (the more the better) that have a high Estimated Avg. CPC.

TIP: Using the advanced search menu, you can use the filters to only see terms that have 100,000 searches per month.

2. Find Affiliate Products to Sell

In step two you want to find affiliate products that people who are interested in the niche will buy. There are two ways to do this:

A) Offer Vault – Offer Vault is an affiliate product search engine. Offer Vault is a great tool for researching affiliate programs because of the amount of information it displays, and the fact that you can actually preview the landing page without signing up for the offer.

Offer Vault has over 40,000 affiliate programs registered. Just enter your niche into Offer Vault, and you’ll have a list of offers you can promote.

B) CPABull – Yesterday we told you about CPABull. This tool does one thing – it registers you on 150 affiliate networks of your choice in one easy shot. If you use this tool, you won’t have to apply individually to a new network every time you find an offer you want more information about. Simply register through CPABull, and you’ll have access to affiliate offers on over 150 different networks.

C) Strike a Deal Privately – The third way to find products to promote is by contacting businesses in your area, or online, and arrange a pay per lead deal, where you receive a commission on every lead or sale you generate.

You can find these arrangements by looking at sales job postings online or in your local paper. All of these companies want leads, and most will be open to leads generated through the Internet.

This third option is attractive because many will pay you very high commissions. Companies who do not have active affiliate programs generally pay much more per lead than companies who have established online affiliate programs.

3. Create a URL and a Keyword Campaign

Some people ask which is better, a Keyword Campaign or a URL Campaign. The answer is both campaign types can produce winning targets. If you do only one or the other, you will miss out on potential domains and keywords that would have produced a profit for you.

When you start with a new niche, test both a URL and a Keyword campaign to take advantage of both types of targets. You may focus more on one or the other, but in almost every case the other campaign type can generate at least a few profitable winners.

4. Test, Tweak, Scale and Repeat

When you market affiliate programs on DirectCPV, some will be profitable and some won’t.

That’s why you want to build a big list of niche markets. Some of your choices might already be competitive. Some of the offers you found might not pay you enough based on your conversion rate.

Don’t be afraid to ditch a niche if it’s not producing the results. You can easily find more. The trick is to test multiple niche markets until you find some that really generate a profit.

Also, remember that a break-even campaign, or even a campaign that generates a small loss, does not mean you should always ditch the campaign. A break-even campaign on the first run implies that with some adjustment, you can turn a profit. The same goes for campaigns that lose a little bit of money. If you focus your targets on what worked, and get rid of the losing targets, you’ll probably make some money.

Lastly, once you find your winning campaigns, scale them up by adding large lists of keywords and URL targets, or slowly raising your maximum bids. Once you find an offer that converts, you want to really scale it up and maximize your traffic.

If you follow this system, you should have no problem finding niche markets that produce a profit. Over time, you’ll find more and more profitable niche markets, and your CPV marketing profits will increase steadily.

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  • DirectCPV says:

    Hi Dynn,

    What part of it are you having trouble with?

    Have you seen our video series about promoting affiliate programs on DirectCPV?

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    You could also try reading our previous CPV advertising tips.

    Here’s a link to our past newsletters:

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    Can you post a video and a n article on how to track out sales using propser202?

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