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Affiliate Academy 101: How to Sell Advertising on Web Site Pages

written by on Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Anyone who has created a webpage online knows that it is not an easy task. It usually costs more than just money; a lot of time is spent editing layouts and content. In order to start earning a profit from a website, it is a good idea to learn how to sell advertising on web site pages.

Selling advertising space can be difficult at first because most advertisers like to target URLs that have a high traffic rate. However, as a website grows in popularity and becomes visited more often, the possibility of being able to sell advertising on web site pages grows significantly.

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“In order to start earning a profit from a website, it is a good idea to learn how to sell advertising on web site pages.”

When a site becomes popular and starts to get traffic, affiliates and website publishers can make money online by beginning to sell advertising on web site pages. To start, sign up with an advertising network such as DirectCPV, which specializes in cost per view (CPV) and pay per view (PPV) contextual advertising. CPV and PPV advertising is an ideal option for advertising on web pages due to the fact that it is extremely targeted to the content of a website, shown as a pop up or interstitial ad (taking up no space on a website), and affiliates get paid every time an ad is viewed rather than every time an ad is clicked.

To ensure that you get a fair price for your advertising space, you should focus on the two most important factors. First, what is your website’s niche market and second, where are the advertisements going to be placed. A website should be focused on one specific interest of a firmly targeted audience. An affiliate must aim to provide a website that offers something on a reliable frequency, whether it is information, a product, or celebrity pictures. Also try to remember that if a website’s audience has a higher income and spending potential, the higher you can charge for ads.

Affiliates can sell advertising on web site pages with CPV advertising, but there are also different types of ads that you can also include on your site to maximize income. Sites such as Admanage affiliate and advertising network offer display banners, in text ads, and many more options. If you are going to place these types of advertisements onto a web site page, make sure that they are visible and “above the fold” (meaning you don’t have to scroll down on a web page to view the ad). Affiliates can charge a higher rate for larger ad units that are highly visible to users.

Although many people insist that they earn thousands of dollars a month with advertising on web site pages, this is not usually the case. If used properly, internet advertising can help supply a steady stream of extra income that can be used to supplement website costs or expenses. However, if an affiliate does enough research, finds a perfect niche, and delivers high quality targeted traffic, placing ads on a website can become incredibly lucrative.
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