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7 Simple Ways to Profit from DirectCPV Run of Network Traffic

written by on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 1:35 pm

• DirectCPV Run of Network (RON) traffic is low cost traffic ($0.004/view).

• With RON traffic you can drive 10,000 geo-targeted visitors directly to your landing page for just $40.

• DirectCPV RON traffic is geo-targeted by country, which ensures you receive high quality traffic.

7 Simple Ways to Profit from DirectCPV Run of Network Traffic

1. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing campaigns are more popular than ever, and with good reason. Between YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and hundreds of other social sharing websites, it’s easier than ever to make a piece of content go viral.

With RON traffic you can send thousands of people directly to a piece of viral content. Use or to include social media sharing buttons on your landing page, and sit back and watch the Tweets, Likes, Diggs, and Stumbles pile up.

2. Branding

Why pay thousands of dollars on TV advertisements, when you can reach thousands of people for just a few dollars? RON traffic is one of the most affordable ways to build your brand’s name recognition.

3. Build an E-mail List

RON campaigns are perfect for building e-mail lists. By building an e-mail list you capture a lifetime customer rather than a one-time sale. Once a subscriber joins your list, you can promote new products or CPA offers on a regular basis. This leads to a much higher potential lifetime value from each customer.

4. Build Your Social Media Followers

Need to boost your followers on Facebook or Twitter? RON traffic is a low-cost way to boost your social media followers.

Simply place a prominent headline which explains the benefit a user will receive by following you, and place a Facebook Like button directly on the page.

“Follow us on Facebook for FREE 10 Minute Recipes Daily”

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By making the process of liking your page simple, you’ll build your social media fan base fast.

5. Boost Your Website Traffic Quickly / Get the Word Out

Want to get the word out, and boost your website’s traffic quickly? With even a small RON budget, you can drive thousands of people to your new website. And if users like your website, it could easily go viral – leading to thousands of more visitors. RON traffic also helps you boost your Alexa rank.

6. Advertise Products Everybody Needs

RON Campaigns are perfect for promoting products almost everybody needs.

Most people want to make money, lose weight, build muscles, look younger, look sexier, live longer, save time, have fun, protect their loved ones, and get smarter.

RON traffic is less than 1/3rd of the cost of targeted traffic. As long as your offer appeals to more than 33% of the population, an RON campaign can generate a terrific ROI.

7. Surveys, Quizzes, and Freebies

Surveys, quizzes, and freebies are among the most popular and profitable offers to promote to RON traffic. Many affiliate programs offer CPL (Cost Per Lead) programs which pay you each time a user completes a survey, quiz, or provides their e-mail address or contact information.

Again, you want to promote CPL offers that appeal to almost anybody. Don’t promote surveys, quizzes, or freebies that only interest a small percentage of people who will see the offer.

With RON traffic, you want to market to the masses.

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  • CPV is a great way to build email lists and get more social followers.