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7 CPV Landing Page Tips

written by on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 11:37 am

The most important aspect of CPV marketing is your conversion rate – the number of people who perform a specific action on your landing page.

This week we are going to cover some landing page strategies used by professional CPV marketers to increase their conversion rate.

1) Lead Generation

Most successful CPV marketers have a way to capture the user’s contact information on their landing page.

Strong lead capture forms give the user a good reason to fill out their information such as free information, a free trial, or a free quote.

If you are marketing CPA affiliate programs on DirectCPV, you may want to try CPL (Cost Per Lead) affiliate programs, which pay you when a user enters their e-mail address.

2) Lead Generation 2.0

Many professional CPV marketers design their lead capture forms as a quiz, poll, or survey.

For example, if you are in the weight loss niche, design a quiz that scores the users eating habits, and tells them their Food IQ. At the end of the survey, tell the user you will send their Food IQ to their e-mail address, and subscribe them to your mailing list.

3) Creative Landing Page Designs

Some CPV marketers design their landing page to look like a giant coupon. Others make their landing page look like a professional news story. Some emulate the feel of popular video sites or search engines. Some design their landing pages as a giant warning message using a stop sign or the words “WARNING” in large red letters.

The concept behind your landing page design can skyrocket your conversion rate. Spend time thinking about what kind of landing page will make people pause before they skip your advertisement.

4) Capture the Reader’s Attention

If your CPV landing page doesn’t seize the user’s attention, they may not read the sales copy you worked so hard on.
There are two main ways you can grab a user’s attention:

  1. A Strong Headline
  2. A Powerful Image

A good CPV landing page is simple and quickly conveys the overall sales message. People won’t read a lot of text to find out what you are selling unless you capture their attention first.

5) Write a Great Headline

A strong CPV headline is short, attention-grabbing, and promises the user that reading further will help them achieve one of their goals, or solve a problem that is bothering them.

In CPV advertising, you want to capture the reader’s attention quickly, and give them a good reason not to skip your advertisement.

Be sure to leave some empty space around your headline for emphasis. A headline that contrasts the rest of the page often works best.

Here are some resources to help you create a strong headline:

10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work (Copyblogger)

10 Headline Formulas That Work Like Magic (

The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written (Jay Abraham)

6) Choose the Right Image

Pick an image that will intrigue the visitor to read the headline and body copy. Show them something they want in their life, or somebody who has achieved a goal they want to achieve themselves.

Websites like Fotolia offer vast libraries of professional quality images for as low as $1 an image. Fotolia has some of the best attention-seizing images on the Internet.

7) Test Different Landing Pages

Always test two landing pages against each other. Test the winning landing page against a new page. Testing is a key part of any type of direct response advertising.

Experiment with different landing page formats, headlines, images, color schemes and calls to action.

Eventually, you’ll discover a winning combination, and that landing page will create a lot of leads and sales for your business. But you should still test a new landing page against that one…

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  • Joseph Bison says:

    Thanks for the info. Would be good to get pre designed templates that would work well for ppv :)

  • CPA Networks says:

    Thanks for the tips. I do use a landing page with the large red warning pic at the top of the page. It does convert pretty good. Thanks again!

  • Chris says:

    Good tips, looking forward to getting back into contextual / CPA and putting these tips to use!

  • ynasir says:

    great idea, i can try your tips for my promote cpa offers