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101 Marketing Strategies for Internet Advertising

written by on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

101 marketing strategies from DirectCPV
“Instead of trying to employ every single marketing strategy, focus on perfecting a small selection of strategies.”

Experts know that simply employing 101 marketing strategies will not create a profitable marketing campaign. Instead, internet advertisers need to focus on marketing methods that lie outside of the main 101 marketing strategies.

Due to the fact that most of the 101 marketing strategies for online advertising are already well known and over-used, potential customers may ignore these efforts. Instead of trying to employ every single marketing strategy, focus on perfecting a small selection of strategies. Choose five to ten of the 101 marketing strategies to study and get right. An advertising campaign will be more successful if the advertiser focuses on quality of marketing rather than using every single strategy mentioned online.

As a suggestion, here are DirectCPV’s top ten tips taken from a full list of 101 marketing strategies:

  1. If you are using images on your website or landing page, always use ALT tags to describe the picture. The image search functions on Google, Yahoo, Window’s Live and Ask are very powerful and can help generate traffic to a product’s landing page or website. Always remember to rename images, do not leave them as picture1.jpg, a maximum of four descriptive words works best.
  2. Use title, keyword and description Meta Tags wisely. Make sure that every webpage or product landing page has a unique title and description. Use a limited number of characters in the title tag and put the most important keywords that are relevant to the page at the beginning.
  3. If an advertiser has a website devoted to a product being advertised with CPV or PPV advertising, it is recommended to use affiliate programs in order to help convert traffic. The right affiliate program for a website will easily generate big profits.
  4. If a product fits into a specific niche market, research this market carefully. Keep up to date with any competitors, studying their prices and website layout. Study, don’t copy.
  5. Spamming forums, blogs or other websites with information about a product will do more harm than good. Spend time writing professional comments that provide valuable information, examples or arguments about a product or website. Comments that make sense will have a higher chance of being read and clicked on.
  6. Users will stay longer on a website or CPV landing page if there is interactivity; either include a comment box, email submission form, quiz, or forum.
  7. The most important tip from 101 marketing strategies is to generate link-backs. A website or landing page will go unnoticed if nobody knows about it. If an advertiser has access to a blog, always include links to other blogs, websites or articles.
  8. To make customers feel comfortable, include a privacy policy, FAQ, help section, and contact information. This will allow users to feel safe providing information and will lead to trust and higher re-visit rates.
  9. Promote a product with discounts and coupons offered exclusively through social media or the product’s website. Free promotions will increase the chance of sales, leads and brand awareness.
  10. The final and most important of the 101 marketing strategies is to publicize the product’s website as much as possible. Include a link to the website in comment posts, signatures, emails, articles, and any other location possible.

Do not waste energy on satisfying every single one of the 101 marketing strategies at once. If an internet advertiser is able to focus on ten strategies at a time, it will create a much more noticeable ad campaign.
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