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Welcome to the DirectCPV blog. Our focus is to bring advertisers and affiliates up-to-date news about the online advertising industry related to CPV/PPV and contextual advertising. The blog will be updated regularly with news from team members, customers and partners to help you learn more about recent innovations and ideas in the industry.


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How to Make Money With CPV Advertising

Over the past few months DirectCPV has released a number of resources to help our advertisers make money with CPV Advertising.

Here is a complete list of resources:

1) Blog Posts

7 Simple Ways to Profit from DirectCPV Run of Network Traffic

This blog post highlights seven creative ways to use Run of Network traffic to drive a lot of traffic to your website for four tenths of a penny per visitor.

What CPA Offers Perform Best on DirectCPV?

Learn how to promote CPA affiliate programs on DirectCPV. This blog post will teach you how to find high paying CPA programs.

Your CPV Marketing Questions Answered

In this post we show you which countries DirectCPV has the most traffic for, how to choose between a URL and Keyword Campaign, how to get more traffic, and how the DirectCPV bidding system works.

How to Create a Winning CPV Marketing Campaign -15 Tips

Here are fifteen tips that can explode the profitability of your CPV campaigns. This post is a must read for anyone spending money on CPV traffic.

7 CPV Landing Page Tips

In this post we look at CPV landing pages and how to maximize your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is the most important element of your CPV marketing campaign, because it determines how much money you make.

Low Cost / High Traffic Niche Markets on DirectCPV

In this blog post we revealed seven high profit / low competition niche markets on DirectCPV. We also released a list of low competition domains you can bid on for each market. If you are looking for profitable CPA offers to promote, this list is the perfect place to start.

CPV Targeting Strategies

In this newsletter we show you how to create an effective targeting strategy. The most important choice you will make when designing your CPV marketing campaign is whether to use one high traffic website or keyword, or hundreds of smaller websites/keywords.

7 Free CPV Marketing Tools

In this post we show you seven tools which help you find highly targeted keyword and URL targets. Using these tools, you can quickly build a list of keyword/URL targets and drive tons of traffic to your landing page.

2) Our New “Making Money” Video Series

VIDEO #1: What is CPV Advertising?

VIDEO #2: Creating Your First CPV Campaign

VIDEO #3: Creating CPV Landing Pages

VIDEO #4: How to Find High Paying CPA Offers

VIDEO #5: Analyzing Your CPV Results

VIDEO #6: Tips to Boost CPV Profits

3) DirectCPV Instructional Videos

1 – How do I sign up as an advertiser with

2 – What ads are allowed on the DirectCPV Network

3 – How do I set up a keyword targeted ad campaign on DirectCPV

4 – How to set up a URL targeted Ad Camapigns on

5 – How do I set up a RON Ad campaign on

6 – How do I add funds to my DirectCPV account

7 – How do I efficiently manage my DirectCPV Ad Campaign

8 – How do I set up and use Keyword and URL variables

9 – How do I track conversions with DirectCPV

10 – Where can I view the conversion report for my DirectCPV campaign

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Last Chance To Claim Your $50 Worth of FREE Advertising Dear DirectCPV Advertisers, DirectCPV’s Thanksgiving Bonus Offer is ending at midnight tomorrow! To claim your $50 worth of free advertising, simply make a deposit before tomorrow at Midnight, e-mail support (at) directcpv (dot) com, and we’ll credit your bonus to your account. Here’s How It Works: $10 Bonus on

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A Special Thanksgiving Gift From DirectCPV

A Special Thanksgiving Gift From DirectCPV Dear DirectCPV Advertisers, This Thanksgiving DirectCPV would like to give thanks to you. And to thank you this year we are offering a special $50 cash bonus when you make a deposit between now and Thanksgiving. Here’s How It Works: $10 Bonus on a $100 Deposit $30 Bonus on a $200 Deposit $50

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Looking For Great Geo Pop Under Traffic?

Looking For Great Geo Pop Under Traffic? Contact our sales team today and let us help you build some truly profitable campaigns for dating, biz opp, gambling, e-mail submit, software download, adult and other general interest offers! German Popunders $3.33 CPM Suggested Bid Rate 3,100,000 Impressions Available Daily More Information USA Popunders $3.99 CPM Suggested Bid Rate 4,600,000 Impressions Available Daily More Information UK

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